Following through on the ground study, a route plan on paper is indeed mandatory today. The more complete and accurate the site data, the greater the opportunity for the designer to achieve a layout of the highest quality consistent with the client’s budget and intentions. Site data are part of the inventory that the architect needs and uses to achieve the concept.

A routing plan includes – Core layouts, arrangement of holes, variety of holes, practice facilities, club house area selection, short course options, safety, siting golf car paths, siting shelters, siting the equipment building, turf & tree nurseries, future alteration and developments etc.

In this age of computing and rapidly advancing technology, the CADD (Computer- Aided Design & Drafting) system, which is a comprehensive and highly design tool is being used in order to enhance communications and improve visualizations of the finished product.

CADD allows accurate quantity analysis, including earthwork, which fosters meaningful value engineering that is so critical to the cost effectiveness of the project.

CADD generated renderings have become an invaluable tool for selling the vision of the project.  These are the drawings that make the project constructible.

The following are typical drawings included:  Site Plan, Clearing Plan, Layout Plan, Contour Plan, Drainage Plan, Irrigation and Club House Plans, Grassing Plans etc.