After the finalization of the golf holes layout, then we design the landscape planting scheme in detail over the entire golf course area. The planting will form the backdrops to the golf holes, creating shelter and scale to the course as well as forming the strategy as the trees, shrubs and long grass act as hazards in their own right.

The tree, shrub and grass planting must be chosen carefully to ensure successful establishment and where possible we will visit plant nurseries and specify how the planting should be undertaken to ensure that the planting will get the best possible start.

We understand the importance of the golf clubhouse to the client and this is the area within the course where golfers spend more time and money. Therefore we ensure that the landscape design around the clubhouse is both attractive and functional and ties in well with the routing of the golf course.

As landscape architects, we can design the layout of the clubhouse and car park surrounds to suit the clients individual needs. Working closely with the Clubhouse Architects, we can design gardens, ornamental ponds and furnishings, sports and amenity facilities, creating attractive and yet functional environments.