Our main design objectives of drainage are to remove excess water so that the turf may flourish, enhance comfort for golfers walking, driving, and hitting balls, and to ensure that they and the maintenance crew encounter a minimum of puddles and mud as they play or work.

Well-drained playing areas are also less prone to rutting by equipment and golf cars, and in arid regions drainage provides a means to remove and flush salts from alkaline and saline soils. Even in cool, humid regions the ability to flush a green or other feature is eminently worthwhile.


Irrigation is the replacement or supplementation of rainfall with water from another source to keep the golf course in the best condition always.

Irrigation system is one of the most important aspect of golf course development which can be never neglected and to be planned in a very systematic manner for the smooth maintenance of the golf course.

We help the client in installing the best & affordable irrigation system by :

  • Selecting the irrigation designer
  • Studying the feasibility and design development of the irrigation system
  • Implementing the design and installation of the system
  • Commissioning of the system