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Invigorate Your Membership

Posted by KELLY BLAKE MORAN on Friday, April 22, 2016, In : INFORMATIVE 

A colleague asked me to meet with him and his club owner to talk about ways to invigorate the membership and possibly attract new members. I had no previous engagement with the club so I was considered as someone with a fresh perspective. We had an informal meeting to discuss ideas about marketing memberships at their private club. They have been doing some interesting activities and I gave them new ideas as well. Here were some of those ideas:

Introduce the club to the membership. Many probab...

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Posted by AV GOLF on Thursday, February 11, 2016, In : INFORMATIVE 


A golf course is an outdoor recreational facility designed for the game of golf. A standard golf course usually consists of 18 holes, with a tee and fairway. Some golf courses have nine holes and the course is played twice per round, while others may have 27 or 36 holes. Public and private golf courses often have different facilities available in addition to the actual golf course. For example, private golf courses usually have a golf club and restaurant or cafe facilities.


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Type of Golf Courses

Posted by AV GOLF on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, In : INFORMATIVE 

Several terms refer to the type of golf course which may be developed:

a) Par 3
• each hole has a par of 3

b) Executive
• mostly par 3 holes with a maximum par for the course rarely exceeding 64
• par 4's are usually under 365 m (400 yd.)
• par 5's are seldom designed into executive courses
• very popular with beginners, high handicappers, seniors and players with limited time

c) Regulation
• usually a total par of 70 to 72
• length of course is over 5,500 m (6,000 yd.) and u...

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Golf & Environment

Posted by AV GOLF on Monday, September 20, 2010, In : INFORMATIVE 

Golf courses today are often designed to preserve the natural environment as much as possible and to provide an important habitat for wildlife and plant life, particularly in rural areas. Even more important, today’s maintenance practices minimize any potential for environmental harm. Indeed, Golf courses are known to be kinder to the environment than the typical residential lawn.

Today’s Golf courses are not only environmentally sensitive, but they can provide important environmental ...

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Golf In India

Posted by AV GOLF on Monday, September 20, 2010, In : INFORMATIVE 

According to the Indian Golf Union, there are currently 195 golf courses and approximately 100,000 golf club members in the country. Out of the existing facilities more than half belong to the Indian Army. Over 50% of the golf courses are 18-hole courses, 40-45% are 9-hole facilities, while there are just a few courses in India having more than 18 holes. There are a number of championship and high-end courses, including a few designed by world famous golf architects.

The courses operate...

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