What is a Golf Driving Range?

Posted by Ashish Vaishnava on Saturday, September 11, 2010 Under: GOLF COURSE DESIGN

Golf Driving Range in simple terms is a practice area for golfers. Its  a facility which is used by new comers to learn the game and by golfers to enhance their playing abilities.

No matter what level of Golf one plays, it’s very important to practice on the driving range.

A driving range is developed so that a beginner or a low handicap player, can have enough privacy and personal space to have a practice session. For this, there are various types of separators are used make up of products such as plastic, wood or steel. In addition, there are distance markers to have a better vision of the distance a ball travels. The markers are installed at different yards such a 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 etc.

Basically, a driving range is a rectangular piece of land {
(50-100m) Width X (200-300m) Length} set away to practice the game by hitting Golf Balls to targets of various distances. Driving Ranges can exist as stand-alone facilities, or in conjunction with practice holes or a course which allows players to progress to real golf.  One doesn't have take effort in carrying balls every time one visits a driving range. The club or the course provides the ball to be used in practicing session at a reasonable charge for a bucket of balls (50/100 balls per bucket.

A practice Putting Green and Chipping Green with a bunker are also an integral part of a Driving Ranges.