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  • Maintenance Center design and layout consulting
  • Golf Course Remodeling and Redevelopment


In designing a golf course or any of its features, there are three basic considerations : The game itself, Aesthetics, Future maintainability.

These are sometimes referred to as the three P’s –

Playability, Pulchritude (Beauty) & Practicality.

These three P’s can be used to rate a golf course, golf hole, or golf feature.

Environmental issues are central and omnipresent.

When a professional golfer or accomplished amateur plans a course or a feature of a course, he/she is apt to emphasize playing aspects at the expense of the beauty and the practicality, whereas a golf course architect may favour eye appeal and a superintendent maintainability, but we as a team of professional golfers and golf course architects are able to keep the balance of the three P's.


The site selection /  evaluation is critical to the success of a Golf project. AV GOLF helps the clients to select the best possible site available. When a site is identified as a possible location for a Golf development, it is essential to carry out an analysis of the site to determine its potential and identify opportunities and any constraints which may cause problems in a Golf Course layout. Our intensive analysis ensures that the client does not waste time and money developing the wrong site. 



In recent years more than 50% of all newly developed Golf Courses have been integral parts of resort-oriented real estate projects or residential communities. Planning the real estate next to a Golf Course can be incredibly rewarding experience, along with making good business sense. In a planned Golf/Residential community, the combined uses can complement and lend character to each other in a sensitive and enriching manner. A good understanding of Golf and residential marketplace and ability to balance all of the site's features within a harmonious composition makes us plan and coordinate with the team of  architects to develop the best possible residential/commercial real estate.


Following through on the ground study, a route plan on paper is indeed mandatory today. The more complete and accurate the site data, the greater the opportunity for the designer to achieve a layout of the highest quality consistent with the client’s budget and intentions. Site data are part of the inventory that the architect needs and uses to achieve the concept.

A routing plan includes – Core layouts, arrangement of holes, variety of holes, practice facilities, club house area selection, short course options, safety, siting golf car paths, siting shelters, siting the equipment building, turf & tree nurseries, future alteration and developments etc.

In this age of computing and rapidly advancing technology, the CADD (Computer- Aided Design & Drafting) system, which is a comprehensive and highly design tool is being used in order to enhance communications and improve visualizations of the finished product.

CADD allows accurate quantity analysis, including earthwork, which fosters meaningful value engineering that is so critical to the cost effectiveness of the project.

CADD generated renderings have become an invaluable tool for selling the vision of the project.  These are the drawings that make the project constructible.

The following are typical drawings included:  Site Plan, Clearing Plan, Layout Plan, Contour Plan, Drainage Plan, Irrigation and Club House Plans, Grassing Plans etc.


Our main design objectives of drainage are to remove excess water so that the turf may flourish, enhance comfort for golfers walking, driving, and hitting balls, and to ensure that they and the maintenance crew encounter a minimum of puddles and mud as they play or work.

Well-drained playing areas are also less prone to rutting by equipment and golf cars, and in arid regions drainage provides a means to remove and flush salts from alkaline and saline soils. Even in cool, humid regions the ability to flush a green or other feature is eminently worthwhile.


After the finalization of the golf holes layout, then we design the landscape planting scheme in detail over the entire golf course area. The planting will form the backdrops to the golf holes, creating shelter and scale to the course as well as forming the strategy as the trees, shrubs and long grass act as hazards in their own right.

The tree, shrub and grass planting must be chosen carefully to ensure successful establishment and where possible we will visit plant nurseries and specify how the planting should be undertaken to ensure that the planting will get the best possible start.

We understand the importance of the golf clubhouse to the client and this is the area within the course where golfers spend more time and money. Therefore we ensure that the landscape design around the clubhouse is both attractive and functional and ties in well with the routing of the golf course.

As landscape architects, we can design the layout of the clubhouse and car park surrounds to suit the clients individual needs. Working closely with the Clubhouse Architects, we can design gardens, ornamental ponds and furnishings, sports and amenity facilities, creating attractive and yet functional environments.


Despite the best conceived designs of any architect, nearly every golf course sooner or later requires revamping and upgrading. The reconstruction works involved in remodeling can be most complicated and delicate requiring careful consideration of the existing golf course. Changes required to update a layout vary in extent and may involve any of the following: 

  • Complete rebuilding of the course with little or no reference to the existing layout.
  • Restoration of the course to what it once was particularly if it was the creation of a widely recognized architect.
  • Renovation or reconstruction of the existing layout.This involves rebuilding and/or modifying all or some features, with the original and basic layout retained.
  • Combination of the preceding approaches.


The success of any project depends on proper planning. Time spent on planning is never a waste, its an investment worth going for. During the planning stage various important questions are to be addressed by experienced advisors. Some of these questions are:

  • Is the site strategically located for Golf Course development?
  • How is the accessibility to the site?
  • How is the market demand and future potential for a golf course?
  • Is the project going to be self sustaining and commercially viable?
  • What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?

Preparing an independent feasibility study is going to be very helpful in the success of the project. Engaging industry experts like AV GOLF make sure that there are no surprises in the end and over viability of the project is well planned. There are various phases of planning which include:




AV GOLF  provides a variety of Golf Course Project/Construction Management Services to clients with the utmost efficiency. We take on a host of primary and secondary responsibilities to initiate and conclude the project. 

Our primary responsibilities are to coordinate with the Golf Course Architect to design & plan the Golf Course, prepare detailed bill of quantities and consult on finalizing an operational & construction budget. 

Our secondary responsibilities include:

  • Estimation & planning of rented machinery equipments
  • Preparing detailed work schedule as well as milestones
  • Vendor negotiations & selection
  • Coordination of resource requirements
  • Labour planning and management
  • Planning and supervision of irrigation & drainage system installation
  • Daily & weekly monitoring & reporting of construction progress
  • Grow-in maintenance supervision


There are many factors which go to make a good choice for a Golf Course or Driving / Practice Range and both the physical features of the site and more importantly the planning situation must be understood in order to be able to develop the site in the first place and then create a successful and sustainable Golf facility. By testing some Golf layouts on the site, one can establish what size of course can safely fit onto the land. If required the existing market conditions and competition from nearby similar golf facilities may be researched to understand the demand for Golf in the area.

Before the initiation of a golf project, prior understanding of the potential financial and commercial viability of the proposed facility ensures an opportunity for greater success.



AV GOLF provides maintenance consulting services for new and existing Golf Course facilities, allowing Golf Course owners to focus on revenue generating operations.

Out-sourcing the maintenance consulting of a Golf Course has several advantages for the client:

  • Reduced capital spending
  • Professional efficient maintenance programs
  • Lighter administrative structure
  • Controlled cost of maintenance
  • Attention to and compliance with environmental health and safety issues
  • Continuous upgrading or improvement to the facility
  • Meeting the quality expectations of the golfers



Construction methods have changed dramatically in this century. No longer are we building Golf Courses with drag boxes and mules along with hand labour and farm equipments. Today a contractor may have lakhs of Rupees worth of equipment on-site, including shaping Dozers, JCB, box graders etc. Still, the dominant objective of the contractor is to create a Golf Course as envisaged by the Architect. So, the evaluation & selection of the contractor is very important to give the ultimate shape to the Golf Course in affordable price.


Irrigation is the replacement or supplementation of rainfall with water from another source to keep the golf course in the best condition always.

Irrigation system is one of the most important aspect of golf course development which can be never neglected and to be planned in a very systematic manner for the smooth maintenance of the golf course.

We help the client in installing the best & affordable irrigation system by :

  • Selecting the irrigation designer
  • Studying the feasibility and design development of the irrigation system
  • Implementing the design and installation of the system
  • Commissioning of the system


Miniature golf projects begin with a great custom design, matched to the owner's budget, and to the market potential. We at AV GOLF believe that miniature golf is a very personal business where the owner has a vision of what he wishes to build.

We listen and then embellish those ideas, offer advice, and design a course that is an adventure creative, imaginative, whimsical and fun, but within budget.


"We begin with the end in mind"