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Blog 8

Golf has always been considered to be for society’s elite to indulge in, barring or discouraging countless from trying a hand at the game. What society has to understand is that golf can be fun and it can be fascinating but it should also be affordable.

When we talk about affordability, we shouldn’t only point out to the playability aspect of the game but to the ability to build golf courses in limited means without incurring huge amount of expenses too. When both the former and latter are in sync can we call a facility an affordable golf course.

Fees at some courses today bar individuals, couples and families from taking up golf or sticking with it. This fee is usually high because of various foolish reasons such as the location of the course, brand name it is associated with and one of the worst reasons being the word ‘Golf’. It is not a hidden fact that Golf is more often associated with being a game for the elite; therefore it becomes an accepted norm that the amount charged for every service should also be elite whether it is playing on the course, getting a coaching lesson or practicing on the driving range.

Another main factor that makes big golf courses and establishments unaffordable is the various components that go into making and sustaining the course. For instance, a golf course of about 180 to 200 acres must forever be fertilized; sprayed, mowed, aerated and major expenses are incurred in their maintenance. Apart from all this most of these courses have to be constantly manicured, not especially for enhancing their playing quality, but to give it a good appearance. Furthermore, various types of land and leisure taxes are paid annually because golf establishments incur huge expenses. The bottom line is that a lot of money is required for creating and keeping these big courses, hence this money is raised from its players and visitors.

Don’t you think that there should be golf courses which do not present those affordability hurdles faced with large courses? Golf is still a developing sport in many countries around the world and the only way to give it a better push would be to make it more accessible to the general masses.

This accessibility will be realized through better and more efficient ways of building golf courses without incurring huge expenses and wastage of resources along with attracting people to play the game without presenting the worry of high fees and playing costs.