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Golf Course Maintenance

We always evolve IPM standards in our maintenance golf course and sports field projects: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a systematic approach to problem solving and decision making in turf management. In practicing IPM, the turf manager utilizes information about turf, pests, and environmental conditions in combination with proper cultural practices. Pest populations and possible impacts are monitored in accordance with a pre-determined management plan, a sound IPM program has the potential to control unwanted turf damages and reduce reliance on pesticides because applications are made only when all other options to maintain the quality and integrity of the turf have been fainted. 

  • Study of golf course detail like turf species used on Greens, fairways, tee’s & woodland area, trees, lake & water features, irrigation system, available machinery, fencing & security, man power calculation.

  • Soil & water test: analysis of physical and properties & recommendations to calculate material to be indent.

  • Calculate cost of maintenance for management approval on monthly bases.

  • Coordinate with operation team to maintain playability for tournament.

  • Weekly maintenance schedule with all day to day grow-in maintenance activities and review as per soil test reports & observed recommendations.

Best agronomical maintenance practice maintain soil properties as under:

  • Type of soil –Test reports of soil identification at the time of construction period; What % of Sand: Silt: Clay in soil (We can rectify the soil issues through the nature of soil : Silt loam, silt clay loam, silt clay, sandy clay, sandy clay loam, sandy loam, loamy sand, clay loam & loam etc.)

  • Bulk Density: What bulk density of soil has been maintained at the time of earth work in the depth of 1.0mtr minimum? Soil weight /cubic feet (If the soil is compacted, means bulk density will increase, If bulk density is low means less water available in soil for grass plant and if bulk density do not maintain at the time construction than after some time more undulation can occur on surface and Rodents can enter into the soil and consequently will attract snakes & reptiles.

  • Porosity: Porosity values determine the Aeration and Drainage problems in soil.

  • Soil & Water pH: More than 7.0 pH means less availability of Phosphorus (Tied up with calcium), Iron, Manganese, Boron, and Copper & Zinc.

  • Soil permeability: Refers to the ease with which water & air can move through the soil.

  • Water holding capacity: Ability of soil to store water during wet periods for use by grass plant at a later time.

  • % of organic matter: Organic matter increases the water holding capacity and availability of plant nutrients

  • Sieve analysis of used soil & sand: To maintain the soil texture

  • Application of Fertilizer, Organic matter, Fungicide, anti termite & micro nutrients.