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Site Analysis

The design of any golf course begins with an analysis of the conditions of the site and its surrounding area. Identification of the assets and liabilities will determine the suitability of the property for golf and other amenities which may be included, such as a hotel, residential area, tennis, nature trails or skiing.

A proper study of the site is only possible if a complete set of maps is utilized. These will include maps of soils, contours, services, vegetation, drainage patterns, property dimensions, neighbouring land uses and compass directions. An aerial photograph is necessary for its greater detail in illustrating vegetation, drainage patterns and other existing features. It is especially important to use an aerial photograph when renovations are being carried out on an existing golf course. Exact locations of greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, trees, roads and clubhouse can be pinpointed from the photograph. Photos are valuable to give a three dimensional, stereo aspect to the land when site visits are restricted. All mapping should be at a similar scale for ease of comparison. The most convenient scales in terms of drawing size and accuracy of detail are 1:1250 (1 cm = 1250 cm) or 1" = 100'.

With the use of the appropriate mapping and information gathered from on-site inspections and additional research, answers to the following can be completed:

          a) Geography

  • population base - 20 km (12 mi.) radius

  • 40 km (24 mi.) radius

  • age groups (numbers in each)

  • tourists (time of year)

  • requirements of golfers

  • transportation routes (access to course)

  • existing comparable facilities

  • climate - days of sunshine

  • frost-free days

  • precipitation

  • winds (direction, intensity)

  • temperatures (maximum, minimum, mean daily)

    b) Physical Features

  • size of property

  • dimensions

  • soils (type, depth, variation)

  • water (source, quality, quantity)

  • topography (grades, drainage capabilities)

  • vegetation (species, size, health, location)

  • views and vistas (locations)

  • liabilities (rock, swamp, organic material)

    c) Services

  • source of power, water, phone, natural gas

  • on-site locations of underground utilities

  • sewage and garbage disposal

This information will provide a better indication of the feasibility and costs of constructing a golf course on the property.